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Riverland Landcare News

In mid-December 2019, members of the SA Regent Parrot Recovery Team (SARPRT) were finally able to attach satellite trackers to 8 Regent parrots. They have been trying to undertake this exercise for last couple of years but have been unable to find large enough flocks of birds to attempt it. The trackers are about the size of a teaspoon and are attached to the birds using a ‘backpack’ type harness made of Teflon ribbon. The team also had two amazing vets from Adelaide Zoo on site to assist with the attachment of the trackers and to make sure the Regents were healthy and happy upon release.

These trackers are going to help the SARPRT research tremendously. Not only will it provide information on the birds’ flight paths but hopefully shed some light on where they are going once breeding season is over and potentially, what they are feeding on.

Riverland West Landcare Environment Award

I had the absolute pleasure of presenting the Riverland West Landcare Environment Award again at the Waikerie Primary School year 7 graduation assembly. Each year, the award is presented to a student who demonstrates good environmental knowledge and skills. They also show leadership and a passion to support environmental programs both within the school and the wider community.

The 2019 winner, Zali Schiller, has been an active and enthusiastic member of the Youth Environment Team for the past two years. Having the opportunity to work with young people is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. They have such great ideas and simply love getting out into nature and getting their hands dirty. Karen Bishop

Waikerie PS student Zali Schiller receiving her award