Form a Landcare Group

Can’t find a Landcare group in your area? Or are you looking to start a specific project that isn’t currently being covered by another group?

Why not start your own! Starting a Landcare group is much easier than you may think.

Landcare groups have the potential to achieve amazing results and can be a great way of developing a stronger sense of local community. Landcare groups bring like-minded people together to share experiences, information and identify local solutions to local problems. If there’s not a Landcare group in your area, forming one could be a great way to do something practical to help your local community and environment.
Landcare groups are community-led and run organisations. Each group has the flexibility to adapt the Landcare ethic to reflect the environmental issues and interests of local communities.
There are step by steps guides available to assist you with the process:

Once you have formed a Landcare group don’t forget to become a LASA member so that we can support you as you build your volunteer base!