About Landcare

Landcare is a community-based approach to managing and protecting our natural resources – creating more productive and sustainable farms, conserving our environment and building more cohesive and resilient communities.

The Landcare movement is about people with passion working together to make a difference. Usually Landcare groups form when passionate locals share concerns about an environmental problem or want to improve the way they are managing their properties then get together and do something about it. On-ground change is driven from the ground up – Landcarers may be from the coast or the country, students or retirees, farmers or families. Groups can form to work on both private and public land, on the coast, in a catchment, in schools, on farms and in national parks.

The Landcare community encompasses all groups who espouse the Landcare ethos of caring for their local environment, irrespective of title or emphasis. It includes all ‘Care’ groups: Land, Coast, Bush, ‘Friends of’ and farmers’ production groups.