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Participants of the 2019 State Community Landcare Conference are invited to attend 2 masterclasses with Les Robinson

Monday 28 Oct 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Passion mashing: putting the zap into Landcare
Fun facilitation tricks that help your members think outside the box, sparking new zest and enthusiasm in Landcare groups. Hear inspiring reinvention ideas and generate some of your own.

“Fun as a paddock of baby goats.”

Monday 28 Oct 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
An evening of Changeology
An enjoyable and inspiring crash course in Changeology, shining a light on the ‘dos’ of devising a successful change project, with a little psychology, including resistance and how to avoid it, motivation and how to engage it, and anxiety and how to pre-empt it.
Les seems to be able to draw innovation out of nowhere.

About Les Robinson
Les lives on the coast south of Sydney with wife, young son, 5 chooks and 2 budgies. He’s the author of two radically unrelated books: The Field Guide to the Native Plants of Sydney, and Changeology: How to Enable Groups, Communities and Societies To do Things They’ve Never Done Before. 

He likes people and surprises, which is perfect, because his professional life is devoted to facilitating workshops about change.

Masterclasses are open to anyone attending one or both days of the 2019 State Community Landcare Conference. Register here http://buytickets.at/landcaresa.