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KI Groups’ grant applications successful

Two environment and Landcare groups on Kangaroo Island have been successful in securing funding for their bushfire recovery projects on the Island through the WIRES/ LAL Bushfire Recovery Grants scheme.

Eco Action KI put in an application to restore habitat for the Glossy Black cockatoo, as many droopy sheoak trees on the island, the main food source for these birds, were decimated in the January bushfires.

Recent hatchlings on the island will soon mean there is increased competition for the food source, so revegetation of Acacia verticillata is even more urgent. The Eco Action bid also focuses on providing habitat for the rare KI Dunnart, Southern Brown Bandicoot and Rosenberg’s goanna.

Monitoring of the KI Dunnart using sensor cameras and drift nets is another key aspect of the Eco Action bid.

KICLA (Kangaroo Island Conservation Landowners Association) were also successful with their WIRES / LAL bid. The Association includes about 50 landowners across the island who are concerned about conservation of habitat and wildlife. The KICLA bid focuses on weed control, seed collection, habitat restoration and a series of workshops so landowners can improve their knowledge and skills in habitat conservation.

Congratulations to these groups – we look forward to further updates of the progress of their projects.