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2022 LASA Management Committee

We have several new faces on the Landcare Association for SA Management Committee. Check out their stories below!

We are currently welcoming new members to our Management Committee. If you are interested in shaping the direction of Landcare in SA, please contact execofficer@landscaresa.asn.au for more information. 

Sarah Barrett – Chairperson

Environmental Agriculture Consultant 
Friends of Barossa Bushgardens

Sarah has a long association with Landcare beginning with being a founding member of the first Landcare group in her local farming district in the mid-1990s.  Since then, Sarah has worked at the interface between productive and profitable farming systems, and sustainable ecosystems with Government organisations and more recently private enterprise. 

Locally, Sarah is a Friend of the Barossa Bushgardens, a member of LASA and a community led native garden, seed orchard, nursery and education centre.  Sarah has a passion for improving biodiversity outcomes in our agricultural systems and through her consulting work advocates for agroecological planning and principles in farm design, landscaping and regional programs. 

Currently Sarah is delivering agroecology case studies for students at Southern Cross University and works for private enterprise in assisting farmers entering the soil carbon market. 

Sarah takes on the role of Chair of LASA after being with the LASA committee since 2019 and is looking forward to a productive year of quality engagement with the State-wide Landcare community.

Gerry Butler – Treasurer

LASA Life Member and Landcare Champion
The Gums Landcare & Butterfly Conservation SA

Gerry Butler is passionate about Landcare and was a member of the Soil Conservation Council, during the Decade of Landcare in the 1990s, until it was subsumed by the NRM Boards in 2004. Gerry became a member of the fledgling Landcare Association of South Australia which was formed in 2000. At the time Gerry was involved in the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group and the Tungkillo Landcare Group and was working for the Upper Torrens Land Management Project. In partnership with the Aboriginal Lands Trust General Manager John Chester, Gerry reinvigorated the Landcare Association of South Australia in 2008, with many other passionate landcarers. In 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 Gerry chaired the State Community Landcare Conferences delivering stories and knowledge sharing across the state.

In 2018 Gerry was awarded Life Membership and has continued to provide guidance and mentorship to Committee members. During 2021 Gerry coordinated the 2021 State Landcare Awards which will be presented in March 2022.

Nat Sommerville

Grain and Livestock Producer
Yacka Moorundie Landcare

Nat Sommerville has been involved in Landcare all of her life and was chair of her local predominantly farmer based Landcare group for several years. She brings a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge from working in sustainable agriculture as a grain and livestock primary producer along with her networks across the whole of South Australia and beyond. Nat have extensive connections to First Nations communities and the natural resources sectors. Her ability to be strategic and grassroots is what she brings to the committee along with strong governance experience.

Sheree Bowman

Environmental Consultant
Nairne Landcare

Sheree Bowman has over 20 years of experience with Landcare groups in SA, through being an active volunteer, advocate and in previous paid positions working to support, engage and encourage Landcare groups. She is the proud mother to her son Eddie and partner to Troy, the President of the Nairne Landcare Group, the Principal Environmental Consultant in her own business and an advocate for her local community. She has extensive experience and the passion for facilitating behaviour change in local communities to improve the environment. Often partnering with stakeholders and community to find solutions to wicked problems. As a proud previous Chair of the Landcare Association of SA, Sheree understands and upholds the importance of advocating for our members, genuinely and within our strong national frameworks.

Dr Nikki Dumbrell

Environmental and Natural Resource Economist 

Dr Nikki Dumbrell is an environmental and natural resource economist with research interests and experience in understanding the economic, social and environmental consequences of different natural resource use decisions and environmental management strategies.

Matthew Humphrey

Natural Landscape Management Professional
Berri Barmera Landcare

Matthew Humphrey is the current Chair of Berri Barmera Landcare in the Riverland and has been involved in the conservation sector with Landcare, not-for-profits and state government for 15 years. Matthew has extensive experience in management of natural landscapes with a particular focus on semi-arid mallee and productive systems. He is currently working for the federal government as a Regional Project Officer in the National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency, and looks after the Riverland, mallee and Outback SA.