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Community Landcare calls for $250m in new federal funding

Australia’s Community Landcare movement is calling for federal government support to act on climate change and stop the alarming decline of our environment.

With a new Federal Government in office, the time is right to call for a renewed commitment to direct funding for Landcare. The work we do is critical and is only becoming more important as the effects of climate change continue to emerge. Ongoing direct funding is essential for Landcare so we can build resilience and support communities.
From little things, big things grow! All eight peak State and Territory Landcare Organisations are supporting a national push for funding of grassroots Landcare. The peak Landcare bodies have worked with the National Landcare Network to co-design this funding submission, and are ready to deliver outcomes on the ground for regional communities across Australia.

Community Landcare is unique, offering integrity and hope for the future in the face of the declining state of our environment. Individually we might be small, but together we are powerful, driving climate action from the ground up.

“Although funding for Landcare has dropped over the past 10 years, it remains a critical on-ground activity for addressing the State of the Environment” Dr Ian Cresswell.

A renewed commitment to direct funding for Landcare will help YOU do the work that matters in YOUR community – but we need your help to make sure the message gets through.

The full budget submission can be viewed here, or view the summary here.

What you can do?
Our new federal government needs to hear one thing loud and clear: we need a renewed commitment to the direct funding of grassroots Landcare.
Our message is that renewed funding of Landcare leads to direct action on climate change and makes a direct impact in our communities.
If you’re passionate about Landcare (and we know you are) there are three simple things you can do to support this call for ongoing direct funding:

  1. Contact your local Federal MP
    Governments act when MPs agitate for change. MPs agitate for change when they know that’s what their constituents want.
    The Landcare Association of SA has contacted key federal ministers and senators requesting meetings to discuss this topic. If you can follow up with a meeting or invite your Federal MP to an event to help understand the impact of the work you do, even better.
    We are asking Landcare advocates to contact their MP during March and April 2023. By acting together in a tight timeframe we have a better chance of being noticed.
  2. Get your local media engaged
    Bringing our request into the public is a good way to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.
    Linked here is a media release for you to customise to your local context and share with local media.
    We are asking willing Landcare advocates to issue a media release as soon as the initial outreach to their MP is made. This will incentivise MPs to take action.
  3. Join the conversation on social media – feel free to share our social media posts or create your own!
    Follow the National Landcare Network or LASA on facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
    Keep your eye out for our posts on:
    ● World Earth Day (22 April)
    ● World Environment Day (5 June)
    Remember to tag as many people as you can and use these hashtags: #Landcare #LandcareFutures #CommunityLandcare #Environment #ClimateChange #Auspol

Please reach out with any questions on how to use the support materials – and if you have ideas, we’d love to hear them!

Access the National Landcare Network advocacy resources here.