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Lower Eyre Coastcare Association

The Lower Eyre Coastcare Association (LECCA) is a community volunteer group that works to protect biodiversity and rehabilitate the coastal environments of Lower Eyre Peninsula. LECCA, incorporated in 1999 in collaboration with the Lower Eyre Council, growing out of concern with the increasing numbers of people visiting and living on the coast. LECCA has undertaken many revegetation and coastal protection projects over the last 25 years.

The Eyre Peninsula region has over 2475 km of coastline, around half of South Australia’s coast. To put this into perspective, Victoria has 2000 km of coastline! Our local government area, Lower Eyre Council, has 700 km of coastline, the longest length of the coastline of the nine councils on Eyre Peninsula with coastal boundaries. The LEC has a population of 6100 (2022 ABS). Lots of coastline, low permanent population, huge influx of visitors during holiday times drawn to the coastline and waters of Eyre Peninsula.

Our main area of interest these days includes the township of Coffin Bay, and the coastline surrounding the town and extending west to the council boundary. LECCA aims to help improve our coastal environments through activities such as revegetating coastal areas, vehicle and visitor access management to protect coastal vegetation, monitoring and campaigning for the protection of resident and migratory shorebirds, propagating local native plants for our projects and those of other groups and agencies, raising awareness of coastal issues, working with partners to raise awareness of sustainable camping in coastal areas and more.