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Butterfly Conservation SA

Butterfly Conservation SA is the primary source of education and information for Landcare Groups, Community Groups, Friends of Parks groups, Schools, Local Councils interested in maintaining invertebrate biodiversity and habitat.

We have produced two books ‘Attracting butterflies to your garden, what to grow and conserve in the Adelaide region’ and ‘Caterpillars moths and their plants of southern Australia’ and are presently working on a website and phone app. ‘What caterpillar is that?’. We maintain two websites the ‘Butterfly Conservation SA’ main site and another site ‘SA butterflies and moths’.

In addition we are assisting to re-develop the World Hepialid website. We maintain a presence and information stand at the annual Australian Plants Society sale, Sophie’s Patch and other shows from time to time including the Animal Expo, local shows/exhibitions and gardening events. Recently we developed with assistance from specialists an Augmented Reality experience ‘Herding Caterpillars’ for the 2022 Nature Festival. This has since been shown in Germany at the World animation expo. The ‘Friends of the Chequered Copper butterfly’ is a specialist group of members monitoring and photographing this butterfly in the Adelaide parklands. We hold nine Public Talks each year to which members and the general public are welcomed. There are four newsletters produced annually. Recently BCSA was pro-active in working with other conservation groups to advise the State Government on the invertebrate biodiversity assets found in the Adelaide Park Lands, especially butterfly species.