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Lower Eyre Agricultural Development Association (LEADA)

Landcare Association of SA member group LEADA is committed to providing support and attracting activity to lower EP that builds the productivity and viability of our farming systems, driven by local issues and the search for solutions that suit local systems.

A strategic review of research priorities for the region directed project proposals into increasing Lupin profitability and continuing soil amelioration work, amongst many others.
LEADA has a major GRDC Stubble Management project and continues to support the New Horizons trial site looking at the value of treatment of sub soil constraints.
LEADA accesses valuable funding support through the Australian Government National Landcare Program looking at treatment and management of low pH soils. These projects are delivered in collaboration with the EPNRM Board and DEWNR.
Extension activities are also a key focus of the group with the annual LEADA Spring field day and Expo continuing to attract large attendances.

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