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LASA meets DEWNR Chief Executive

The Chairman of the Landcare Association of SA (LASA) Mr Gerry Butler and Executive Officer Mr Glenn Gale met with DEWNR CE Ms Sandy Pitcher, Mr John Schutz and Ms Gill Peacey today (29th April 2016) to reinforce the partnership that LASA has with DEWNR and the 8 SA NRM Boards, through its Mutual Agreement and past and future programmes.

Discussion centred around:

  • Mutual Agreement between the Landcare Association and the NRM Boards;
  • The National Landcare Network (NLN) meeting in Adelaide on 23 and 24 May, with dinner on Monday 23 May;
  • National Landcare Conference and National Awards presentation, Melbourne 21-23 September 2016; and
  • State Community Landcare Conference and Landcare Awards in South Australia in 2017.

DEWNR will sponsor the ‘Celebration of Landcare’ NLN dinner and invitations will be extended to all Presiding Members and Regional Directors of the 8 SA NRM Boards.

Partnerships and collaborations are essential parts of the LASA Action Plan and we look forward to many more opportunities for sharing and engaging.