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Central Hills Landcare Network Green Army Stage 2 Newsletter 5

From January to April 2016, our team has worked on a diverse range of sites, all requiring quite varied services. These have ranged from weed control to erosion management and planting. Some jobs have proven more straight-forward than others, but nonetheless, there is peace of mind knowing we are all collectively learning along the way.

Furthermore, our experience has been heightened by the wonderful locals we have encountered, as well as attaining great insights from the experts in the Natural Resource Management sector.

With our strong bond and light-hearted daily bursts, I am looking forward to working on future projects with my team, seeing their passion for the environment develop further and reach new levels of success.

Philip Bagnato, Team Supervisor

Photo: Green Army team and community Committee members at the Stage 2 team graduation on 9 May 2016

CHLN Green Army Newsletter 5 – 09 May 16.pdf