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Conference Field Tours

Two Conference Field Tours to be held on Monday 28th October


Join this bus tour to explore unique restoration properties that aim to link the extensive but fragmented habitat around the large remnant of the Little Desert National Park. The tour will set off from Bordertown, stopping near Kaniva, Minimay, and Frances to explore stunning areas of diverse stringybark, grey box and SA blue gum bushland.

The two main stops on this trip will showcase habitat restoration at the Bank Australia Nature Reserve (Greening Australia/Trust for Nature) and Eaglehawk Waterhole Restoration Reserve (Nature Glenelg Trust & the Landscape Links project).
Points of interest for this tour include:
• Visiting diverse woodland habitats of the Little Desert region
• Making connections – how strategic restoration at a property scale is reducing barriers for flora and fauna and linking the landscape
• Finding ways to make it happen – two examples of unique funding models for restoration work
• Designing revegetation for threatened woodland birds – discussing design while walking through of a 5y old revegetation site at Eaglehawk Waterhole


Visit beautiful Poocher and Mundulla Swamps to see Red Gums, SA Blue Gum, Grey Box, Peppermint Box, Buloke, and Runaway holes – a local phenomenon that literally makes water disappear. A feature of this talk will be the distinctive old trees that appear in hundred-year-old photographs and are still standing today. Learn about their scars and the stories behind them.

The tour will touch on Mundulla Yellows, a disease affecting Eucalypts and other native plants, its impacts and treatments.

At Mundulla Swamp and Jimmy’s waterhole There will be an opportunity to view the area from the perspective of a local who has known and loved the site since a very early age.

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