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The Gums Landcare Group

The Gums Landcare Group

The Gums Recreation Reserve, Shakespeare Avenue, Tranmere, SA 5073

The Gums Landcare Group is a new landcare group formed to encourage Tranmere residents to look after The Gums.

The Gums Landcare Group Proposed Vision:

  1. To assist in improving the hydrology and biodiversity of Third Creek through The Gums in association with aboriginal groups, volunteer community groups and individuals and the City of Campbelltown who are interested in land and water management activities in natural resource management;
  2. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, skills, information and resources between volunteer community groups/individuals and the City of Campbelltown to improve and enjoy The Gums.

Working bees are held on a monthly basis and will involve light weeding, planting local species and assisting the City of Campbelltown to improve the creek zone. We anticipate that there will be a Green Army team helping to start this work and notices will appear in the near future.

Gerry Butler

Interim Convenor