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Wednesday 13th September – what to expect

Conference Program, Wednesday 13th September

Day 3 will begin with congratulating the winners from the 2017 State Landcare Awards.

Plenary sessions on Wednesday will be presented by Paul Ryan and Melanie Malig-Spranz.

After the plenary sessions be ready to try something new with ‘speed-dating’ sessions – there will be opportunities to have facilitated, fast, small-group discussions about key topics of the day.

After lunch, delegates will again split for concurrent sessions before reconvening for closing remarks and Farewell from Country.

Plenary Sessions

Paul Ryan, Director, Australian Resilience Centre

Making change happen

Landcare has been at the forefront of change in rural landscapes for more than 30 years. An emerging set of powerful ‘mega-drivers’ is now shaping rural landscapes and communities in ways we have never experienced. These mega-drivers will impact rural landscapes and communities dramatically over the next 30 years. Some landscapes and communities will be transformed, others will adapt, while others still will lurch through cycles of decline and renewal. How these changes play out in different landscapes depends on a range of factors such as proximity to larger centres and transport networks, temperature and rainfall trends and production potential. It is easy to feel powerless or daunted by the type and rate of change we are now experiencing. How we think about, prepare for and respond to change has a critical influence on how these mega drivers will influence our landscapes, livelihoods and lifestyles. From changing the way we think and communicate about issues, to changing the way we plan and implement actions on the ground, how we learn and how we create innovative partnerships and build networks there are many small practical ways we can develop  ‘future ready’ thinking and doing. I will present concepts, case studies and practical suggestions for how we can get adopt a ‘future ready’ approach.

Melanie Malig-Spranz, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Pty Ltd

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek, a multi-award winning certified biodynamic-organic family business in the Adelaide Hills, producing premium dairy products: milks, yogurts, quark, butter, handcrafted French-style soft and European style hard cheeses, made from highest quality milk from free ranging dairy cows, and processed at the B.-d. Farm Paris Creek manufacturing facility in the Adelaide Hills. They have added the Adelaide Hills Dairies to their range to support Adelaide Hills Farmers ethically farming efforts.