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Tour D – Mintaro to Tarlee – Grapes, Wine, Rivers and Organic Grain



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TOUR D: Grapes, Wine, Rivers and Organic Grain
This tour includes will travel south down the Clare Valley to Tarlee.  Highlights include production and marketing of biodynamic flour at Four Leaf Milling; using a flock of 12,000 sheep to develop snake anti venom and other innovative medical treatments that save lives around the world; watercourse restoration and revegetation on the Wakefield River involving NR N&Y, the Upper Wakefield River Landcare Group, the 20 Million Trees Program and the Green Army.  Participants will also have the pleasure of visiting the famous Taylors winery at Auburn. Over lunch there will be a discussion of the history of the winery, their wines and Landcare practices, and of course some wine tasting.