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Melanie Malig-Spranz

Melanie Malig-Spranz, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Pty Ltd

Melanie Malig-Spranz is a highly valued member of B.-d. Farm Paris Creek’s management team and the Spranz family. Melanie’s background is in medical science and food quality. She heads the Quality Department. Melanie’s prid is B.-d. Farm Paris Creek’s high level of Quality Accreditations.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek, a multi-award winning certified biodynamic-organic family business inthe Adelaide Hills, producing premium dairy products: milks, yoghurts, quark, butter, handcrafted French-style soft and European-style hard cheeses, made from the highest quality milk from free rangin dairy cows, and processed at the B.-d. Farm Paris Creek manufacturing facility in the Adelaide Hills. They have added the Adelaide Hils Dairies to their range to support Adelaide Hills Farmers ethical farming efforts.

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