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Wombats SA / Natural History Society of SA

Wombats SA manages and maintains the Moorunde Wildlife Reserve, the first established and currently largest sanctuary for Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats in the Murraylands of SA as well as five other reserves. Between them our Wildlife Reserves cover over 7,700 Hectares. We believe species conservation comes from habitat protection. The best way to protect a species well is to preserve the ecosystem in which they live and that is what we do. We estimate we are protecting around 3,000+ wombats, many kangaroos, a wide variety of birds, reptiles, insects, etc. There are a range of habitats we care for, with a wide variety of trees, bushes, shrubs and smaller plants, etc. We have a small team of active members and get highly valued help from volunteers to work on the many tasks required and help us achieve some larger projects.

We have a second dedicated Educational website: https://www.saveourwonderfulwombats.org/

Our Instagram page is: https://www.instagram.com/wombats_sa/