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PISCA Bushland Conservation

Pisca Bushland Conservation (Pisca) has acquired a coastline block, 13 km West of Minlaton, south of Port Rickaby, comprised of one hundred acres of native scrubland and coastal dunes, and fifty acres currently remaining under agricultural use. We are a new and small group formed in mid 2022, of 13 like-minded locals and friends, sharing a passion for conservation. Prior to Pisca’s acquisition, the native flora within this area had been preserved through years of tireless work by one of our members and locals from Yorke Peninsula. Eliminating grazing 20 years ago and ongoing work to eradicate woody weeds and feral animals has left the sand dunes as an area of robust native bush, and a host to the endangered Billardiera versicolor (pale apple-berry).

Pisca sits on Bungarra Country of the Warri clan of the Nharangga (Narungga) people. In the short time since our group was formed, we have had amazing support from the local people, local council, the Botanical Gardens, Birds SA, Friends of the Hooded Plover and many more. We have managed to revegetate some of the more degraded areas adjacent to the agricultural land with over 600 endemic plants and continue to try and protect and rehabilitate areas being damaged by unauthorised 4WD activity. Pisca will continue the work in maintaining this area of sand dunes, to identify and plant species endemic to the Peninsula, to protect the fragile environment from 4WD and motor bike damage and looks forward to expanding knowledge of the existing flora and fauna, monitoring change, and developing partnerships with the wider community, and other groups with similar goals.