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Morialta Biolink Landcare Group

Morialta Biolink Landcare group’s objectives to is to restore, protect and manage our high conservation value area by educating and sharing our knowledge, and enjoying social interaction. Our group was formed in 2008 as a Biolink from Morialta Conservation park through to an area known as Coralinga the other side of Cherryville. We work on roadsides in conjunction with Adelaide Hills Council and private properties. Our group has approx. 60 members of all age groups, with 15-20 turning up regularly at activities. We are located approx. 25 minutes from the CBD. We do this by conducting monthly working bees, usually Sunday mornings from 9-12 and have additional works when seasonally required.. Working Bees are programmed seasonally to be the most effective and efficient, from weed control to planting and maintenance, the objective to eliminate existing and emerging weed populations with the outcome of providing space for native flora to grow and set seed; buffering native ecosystems into the future; and reducing fuel loads and bushfire risk. We support our members by giving out advice and weed control chemicals and have a large array of equipment to loan out. We have a very useful WhatsApp group for people to access if they are unsure of plant identification as we are very fortunate to have some of the most knowledgeable experts in SA living locally and in our group. An active indigenous seed collection and propagation group specialising in endangered species with the objective to collect local seed including from threatened plants and revegetate cleared areas within the Biolink, with the outcome of establishing individuals and eventually populations of threatened flora, and bolstering habitat for threatened fauna. We have installed acoustic bird monitoring equipment in Morialta Conservation and recently purchased 2 Felixer fox and cat traps which we are trailing, our objective is to reduce or eliminate fox, cat and rabbit populations with the outcome of reduced weed spread and predation on native flora and fauna. We also conduct educational walks on properties that are of special interest as well as talks and presentations by specialists, and of course, hosting many social activities throughout the year. We engage with neighbouring Landcare groups as well as university students from St Marks College, Norton Summit Primary School and local Scout groups.