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Henley Dunes Care Group

The Henley Dunes Group formed in May 2018. We are a group of local residents concerned about the preservation and management of the dunes from Henley Square to the Torrens Outlet at Henley Beach, South Australia.  In recent times our dunes have suffered as a result of developments, storms, king tides, wind, limited revegetation work and goat tracks being created and damaged due to people accessing the beach through the dunes. This is putting our beach and dune system at high risk of permanent and irrevocable damage.  Please join us and support keeping the dunes and beach beautiful for all people to visit and enjoy.  We are working with the support of the Charles Sturt Council, Henley Cr. Bob Randall and Cr. Jassmine Wood, Natural Resource Management, WACRA, Tennyson Dunes Group, Trees for Life, Landcare SA and other local groups and suppliers.   The aim and activities of our new group is to:

  • Revegetate the dunes with an ongoing native planting program
  • Remove rubbish and weeds
  • Install some temporary fencing and signage around fragile areas and new planting areas to protect the new plants from damage and stop people accessing the beach via goat tracks in the dunes.
  • Educate the community about the dune system and how to protect it; and  Give local school children the opportunity to learn about their environment and participate in hands on activities on the dunes.