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Friends of Devil Gully and Hut Beach

In 2004, the Friends of Devil Gully and Hut Beach and local farmers began to remove hundreds of African Boxthorn plants from the cliff slopes and the whole south Port Vincent area, and to control other weed species such as False Caper, Horehound, Golden Palenis, Cacti Prickly Pear, Bridal Creeper, Cutleaf Mignonette and Onion Weed. Four reserve areas were revegetated with indigenous natives while the remains of some weedy areas were used by the Sea Berry Salt Bush and other natives to re-establish by themself. In other special areas the weeds were eradicated to protect threatened species and spectacular remnant coastal habitats. About 7000 plants have been either protected or revegetated.
Many kilometres of fencing and nature links’ have been established, allowing conservation areas to recover from weeds, pests, disease, indiscriminate illegal activity, recreation impact, rubbish, limestone piles, de-vegetation, and climate change.