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Conference Tours

Tours to be held on Monday 11 September 2017

Experience local natural resource management, local enterprises and the wonderful Northern and Yorke Region through five field tours.

Each tour has been designed to cover a diversity of issues, interests and enterprises and will address the conference themes and streams.  Topics covered will vary across the tours and include biodiversity conservation and management, enterprise development, community engagement, Aboriginal culture, school based agriculture and landcare, viticulture, cropping, grazing and rangelands management.

Tours will  leave the Clare Country Club from 9.30 am and return between 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided on each tour.  Note that while the buses do not have toilets there will be ample comfort stops.

An outline of each tour is provided below.  Once registered the detailed schedule with timings will be provided by email to each participant.

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

TOUR A: Clare to coast
This tour will wind its way from Clare down to Pt Wakefield and the nearby Port Clinton Conservation Park. Highlights of this tour include innovative and sustainable agricultural production near Halbury, including no till cropping, multi species crops and cover crops; Balco Australia’s hay processing and export facility at Balaklava; migratory wading birds and the importance of mangrove and samphire ecosystems; engaging the community in the development and management of the visionary 500 km Walk the Yorke Trail; and Aboriginal culture and history.

This tour will travel through the beautiful countryside to the east of Clare to Farrell Flat. Highlights of this tour include spatial management of soil acidity, including soil EM and pH mapping and lime application; land stewardship; lunch at the wonderful Gally’s Café at Farrell Flat including history, heritage buildings and local enterprise development; native grasses and their importance and management; and viticulture.

TOUR C: Community Engagement in Landcare Projects in and near Clare
This tour will focus on community based projects in the local area around Clare. Highlights of this tour include school based agriculture and Landcare; community action for biodiversity conservation; community involvement in the management of the famous “Riesling Trail” and its importance to the local area and connecting people to nature; and Gleason wetland management and revegetation with the Lions Club.

TOUR D: Grapes, Wine, Rivers and Organic Grain
This tour includes will travel south down the Clare Valley to Tarlee.  Highlights include production and marketing of biodynamic flour at Four Leaf Milling; using a flock of 12,000 sheep to develop snake anti venom and other innovative medical treatments that save lives around the world; watercourse restoration and revegetation on the Wakefield River involving NR N&Y, the Upper Wakefield River Landcare Group, the 20 Million Trees Program and the Green Army.  Participants will also have the pleasure of visiting the famous Taylors winery at Auburn. Over lunch there will be a discussion of the history of the winery, their wines and Landcare practices, and of course some wine tasting.

TOUR E: Burra Rangelands – Micro to Mega fauna, Ngadjuri Aboriginal Heritage, Pastoralism and Land Management near Burra FULLY BOOKED
This tour will head north-east from Clare to the rangelands country near Burra. Highlights include a partnership with pastoralists to reduce total grazing pressure for biodiversity and production outcomes; Diprotodons, recreational vehicles and revegetation at Red Banks; weeds and watercourse management; History and culture of the Ngadjuri people; and the endangered Pygmy Blue-tongue lizard.

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